Purpose & Values

Upon completion of the program, an associate of science degree and Certificate of Achievement in Anesthesia Technology is awarded. The curriculum includes instruction in the latest technologies with emphasis on fundamental and advanced clinical procedures to assist licensed anesthesia providers in the care of patients undergoing anesthesia. 

Core Values

  1. Student Development – Our primary goal is to challenge our students to immerse fully in the learning process while achieving academic excellence at their full potential.
  2. Community Service – Our commitment to social responsibility and diversity is reflected in our excellence, innovation, and highest standards of quality for our students and community.
  3. Respecting Partners – We excel through the talents, skills, and efforts of our dedicated colleagues with whom we have formed strategic partnerships.
  4. Innovative Learning – We foster an environment which values education, self-motivation, critical thinking, and lifelong learning where students share the responsibility for their academic success.
  5. Patient Focus – Our program is grounded in promoting anesthesia excellence in the care of the individual.
  6. Recognition of Our Excellence – The success of our team is based on a rich tradition of excellence, interdependent growth, ethical behavior, and mutual respect.